The Cause Of The Stono Rebellion, South Carolina

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“On Sunday, September 9th, 1739 the British colony of South Carolina was shaken by a slave uprising that culminated with the death of sixty people” (The Stono Rebellion 1739). It was one of the first organized slave revolts in history (Stono Rebellion 1739). As a result, the Stono Rebellion started to change viewpoints on slavery. Slave revolts started to become a problem for plantation owners. Due to this conflict over slave revolts, specifically the Stono Rebellion, South Carolina compromised by passing the Negro Act of 1740 and other laws regarding slavery. At the time of the Stono Rebellion, Spanish Florida, a separate entity from the British colonies until 1763, became known as a safe haven for fugitive slaves (Stono Rebellion 1739). Seeking to cause turmoil in British colonies, Spain passed a law stating that any escaped slave that reaches Spanish territory (which is now Florida) would be freed. In response to this new law, a group of slaves led by a Angolan slave named Jemmy, met on September 9, 1739 near the Stono river to plan an escape to Spanish Florida (The Stono Rebellion Timeline). They planned to revolt on a Sunday when they had the most freedom from their daily routine. In preparation for their escape, it was realized that many of the slaves involved in the Stono Rebellion were from Congo (Stono Rebellion 1739). At the time, Congo was at war with itself making its people susceptible to being captured and sent into slavery (Stono Rebellion 1739). With this
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