The Cause of WWI was Imperialism Leading to a Bad Economy Essay

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One of the main causes that started World War 1 was the fact of imperialism. The main cause was imperialism and not nationalism because the government was always unequal and always favored themselves. When the government did this, it would lead to a terrible economy, and be forced to trade with other surrounding countries. All of this created a big build up in war and tension between Europe and other surrounding nations. I believe that imperialism was the main cause of World War 1 because it is what made up all of the fighting and lead to a bad economy. Within Europe, imperialism occurred at the height of industrialization. (andrean6, 1) Many European countries were just finding out about the different sciences and the invention of mass…show more content…
This railway connected Berlin and Baghdad where the German army and government wanted to make a trading port, doing this will expand their trading and better them in the future. When they built this the Russians saw this as a threat and did not want this to happen because that will hurt their trading relationship. However this railroad was never built due to the tension between different countries, this made Britain and Russia angry which made them want to get rid of it. In 1906 a British Admiral made a ship that was the fastest battleship ever to that date, it also had a new and improved line of weapons that they made with their new technology. This ship was made to frighten the Germans who were also trying to strengthen their army and navy at this time. Britain was known for their power over the sea, and they wanted to express this to the Germans, and they knew that they would never be able to defeat this ship. This is imperialism because it was a huge time that everyone wanted to have the best navy and wanted to expand, which created a huge argument and created more tension between everyone. An unequal relationship in the empire led to many problems, like different cultures fighting against one another, different economics leading to a mix up in currency and not having a good economy. When everyone was concerned about this, Europeans wanted to safeguard their
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