The Cause of World War I Essay

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The Cause of World War I

There is not just one reason alone why the WWI started, one moment two countries would be fighting and then straight after another country could be fighting. Europe was pretty much at each others throats from 1871 until the war started in 1914. The many long term causes were building lots of tension between the complex alliances and eventually the tension would grow so big and would only need one thing to spark off a world war. In this essay I will discuss the main long and short term causes of The Great War and what effect they had.

The 'Triple Alliance' and 'Triple Entente'

First of all, the main powers in Europe were Great Britain, France, Germany,
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This was called 'The Scramble for Colonies' and it caused disputes and tension which could soon turn into a short term cause and spark war.

The Anglo-German Naval Race

As Great Britain was an island it needed a large navy and only a small army, this they had. Britain's navy was the strongest navy about and had been for a very long time. Britain based the strength of her navy on the 'Two Power Standard.' This meant that Britain's navy could battle and defeat any two navies in the world! On the other hand Germany wanted an empire as large as France's or Britain's so they needed to expand their trade, mainly because of expansion in war and military, and as most of her trade was done over seas she needed a large navy to protect her ships while they were travelling from country to country. With Germany's only coast being next to Britain she would need a navy as strong as The Royal Navy, if not it would be easy for Britain to trap Germany and stop all their trade causing major problems! As the naval race started both countries started to produce battleships faster than ever and Germany was sure Great Britain would not be able to keep up. But this was wrong because the cost of creating these battleships for Britain was much less of there total income than in other countries. In 1906 HMS Dreadnought was launched. This was a new fast

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