The Causes And Compromises Of The Cold War

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The Cold War was a time when the U.S had many conflicts with the USSR that could have caused multiple problems worldwide. World War II had just ended in 1945. The Cold War Started almost immediately after WWII. The Soviet Union had finished the war with a bad economy and wanted to spread Communism to the world. Due to the Soviet Union wanting the spread of communism it also caused the Korean war had separated Korea into two sides from 1950-1953. (Millett, Allan R.) Then the Space Race that happened made both the U.S and USSR competitive for achievements in space. (Trustees of the Royal Air Force Museum) and the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost caused a nuclear war.(The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) In 1947 after WWII that involved whole the world, a conflict arose between the U.S and the Soviet Union about world leadership. Many conflicts and compromises have happened in the war for example The Space Race, the Korean War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and SALT. The USSR had a crashing economy right after WWII and wanted to spread communism where everybody was equal in money. Communism is an economic system that involves making everybody equal money wise. With Communism the Soviets thought it was a form of protection for them. “The Soviets, on the other hand, were determined to maintain control of eastern Europe in order to safeguard against any possible renewed threat from Germany, and they were intent on spreading communism worldwide, largely for ideological
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