The Causes And Concepts Of Drought

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i. Introduction Everyday people are forced to base a variety of decisions on weather. It could be as simple as choosing to wear a jacket, a sweater, shorts or pants. Weather can also force people to make more serious decisions. For example, is it a good idea to continue growing food to feed people, or with the drought that has dried up all the water, should they pack up and call it quits. Drought is a serious issue that has affected California in recent years and caused many issues. This paper will focus on the causes and concepts of drought, the major consequences, and how people can prepare for the next drought in California. There are many weather tragedies that effect people, but none have had the effect on California like the drought. ii. Meteorological Causes / Concepts. To start, one must understand the meaning of a drought. According to Mu. Ramkumar in Geological Hazards, “Drought denotes the meteorological, agricultural, environmental, climatic, social, economic and political consequences of a gap between the water availability and demands for the needs of.. consumption in an area.” This means that a drought is not simply the lack of any rain, but rather the complete drying up of water recourses. That could be from streams and rivers, to ground wells and reservoirs. A drought is a time where water becomes hard to obtain. This leaves the question of why does this happen. An article from the website, Union of Concerned Scientists says, “Global climate change affects
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