The Causes And Consequences Of Dangerous Driving

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Everyone has been a dangerous driver at one point. We are all human, it is all too easy to be distracted by something while driving, or to make bad and impulsive decisions. Distractions can come from many things, it could be your morning coffee or a snack you brought along, or the phone ringing in your pocket. The music CD or the need to change the radio station, sometimes even the passengers in your vehicle. These things take your mind and eyes off the road, and results in dangerous driving. Besides distractions, dangerous driving could also be a result of poor or impulsive decision making. This could be speeding because you are in a rush to get somewhere on time. You could be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or be irritated on the road and make rash decisions to “get back” at the other drivers. All these mistakes and decisions can cause a life. Considering the fact that seven people are killed each day in motor vehicle accidents, being unsafe on the road is truly an unwise decision. The article “The Need for Speed” lists numerous teenage deaths caused by speeding. The article states that speeding is the primary killer of youth in the province of British Columbia and it contributes to at least 60 percent of fatal teen car crashes. One of the victims of speeding was Jimmy Lee Reynolds, he was 16 years old and was speeding at over 120 kilometres an hour in a 50 kilometre zone. He was most likely trying to escape, since the vehicle he was driving was stolen. In the
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