The Causes And Consequences Of The Crucible

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The Crucible was a partially fictional movie inspired by the true events of the Salem witch trials. The trials took place in Massachusetts from 1962 to 1963 and was the cause of over one hundred prison sentences and nineteen executions to people who were believed to practice witchcraft. During that time period, the area was heavily enforced with strict Puterian codes. The Puritans believed that witchcraft was following the Satan. Therefore, witchcraft was a great crime and could be punished by death. In January of 1962, the minister of Salem, Reverend Parris’s daughter Betty and his niece Abigail became ill and were throwing “fits”. They would start screaming, throwing objects, and making unusual noises. Another girl named, Ann Putman experienced same issues as the girls. A doctor who examined the girls claimed they were bewitched. Due to that conclusion, there was great chaos unleashed in the area. On February 29, the girls blamed three women, accusing them for their conditions. The three women were, Tituba, Parris’s slave; Sarah Good, a homeless lady; and Sarah Osborn, a poor women. All three of these ladies were brought to their local magistrates. Both Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn claimed to be innocent. However, Tituba stated that she was confronted by the devil and she signed his book, which is a contract guaranteeing to to serve him. Also, Tituba stated that, there were many other witches that are targeting the Puritans. After that, the ladies were sent to prison.
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