The Causes And Effect Of Resistance On The Government Organizations During The Public And Private Sectors

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This dissertation reviewing the results of research by academic writers on issues of resistance to change, which occurred both in the public and private sectors. Significantly, special attention will be given to writings that discuss the causes of the emergence of resistance to change. In this case, the works of Anis Khassawneh, and Rosemond Boohene and Asamoah Appiah Williams will be critically reviewed. 1. Anis Khassawneh Khassawneh works considered relevant to the part of this study because it has been investigated and identified the main causes of employee resistance to changes in government organisations in Jordan. He discusssed the causes of resistance to change in developing countries. He cited the experience of Bangladesh in…show more content…
Meanwhile, Khassawneh (2015: 26-27) has conducted a research and found that there are four factors that trigger the rejection of the employee to change in government organisations in Jordan. There are due to the lack of participation of employees, inadequate incentives, distrust between higher management and workers, and lack of clarity in the goals of change. He formulated these results by selecting the top four answers of respondents. The works of Khan (1989), Jreisat (1988), and Khassawneh (2005) carried out in different time periods, which is about 17 years. Nevertheless, there are similarities research findings about the reasons that led to the employee refuses to change, namely the lack of commitment of the leadership in making changes. This work has provided insight into some of the research questions on the causes of resistance, so it is considered relevant to this dissertation. Moreover, the work of Khassawneh can be relied on. He is a former government employee. He also is a lecturer in the training programs conducted by the Institute of Public Administration, so it is already familiar with the change of administration in the public sector in Jordan. Although not mentioned how long he was active in the field of study of bureaucratic reforms,
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