The Causes And Effects Of Bullying In High School

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While in school I never genuine face a bully and I think for the principle motivation behind why is a direct result of how little my school just in my graduating class there was just 21 kids so I basically knew everybody except would it say it was genuine that?It could've been my personality, I just couldn't be mean to other kids just wasn't in my body also I was raised better than that my dad always told me treat others how you want be treated so I did for my duration of high school but was it real my personality? During High school I never real encountered anyone that was bigger than me just for main reason I was the biggest kid in school so I wasn't real messed around so I really never understood bullying until my nephew came crying about his classmates making fun of him about his glass
I began my Journey by asking my nephews and his friends on how we should we control bullying the first answer was violence at that moment I figured it wasn't the right idea to ask them that so i set there then ask what makes you guys want bully other kids in your class? One kids say it’s because he lacks the attention from a person at school and lashes out at others for attention Other one says “Because it makes me feel stronger, smarter, or better than the person I'm bullying” After listening to all these reasons it was time to start my research on bullying. The first article I decided to read was written by Jill Packman this article was super well written the Introduction was
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