The Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

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Climate change has been a gripping issue in current times as it presents the world with debate over not just the fate of the environment, but also political priorities, foreign affairs, media coverage, and public opinion. The concern for environmental health has grabbed the attention of people around the world and called for stricter regulations on gas emissions and pollution, but has also driven a wedge between populations. Climate change is an issue wrapped in political controversy and studied on a geographical level. Looking at how groups view and understand the research and concept behind this issue will help one better understand the environmental effects humans have on the world. When people discuss climate change, they are talking about the ways in which the environment is shifting from the usual patterns observed historically to new, unpredictable patterns. Depending on which geographical region is being discussed, effects of climate change include changes in temperatures or extremes in precipitation, decreases in levels of snow and rising sea levels. Scientists believe climate change is caused or increased by humans, mainly in energy and gas emissions, but can also include deforestation and land use on smaller geographical scales. Areas with stronger impacts on pollution and increasing climate change tend to be more developed nations. There is much debate in the political and scientific sectors as to how rapidly these changes will occur. Political unrest over these

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