The Causes And Effects Of Human Trafficking In Michigan

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Human Trafficking in Michigan It is dark outside, and you are driving back home from work. Your stomach starts to growl from hunger, so you decide to take the next exit to get something to eat. The town you stop at is a little creepy, but your hunger is unbearable. You pull into the parking lot, and start walking to the door. You are immediately followed by two guys slightly larger than you. You start to walk faster, but unfortunately they catch up and are now standing in front of you. You are scared because they are taking you back to their car. What is going to happen to you? Why are there not more police patrolling this area at night? Why is this happening to me? Human trafficking can happen in a blink of an eye especially when people are doing everyday things. According to The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services “it is known to be the second largest criminal enterprise after drugs. There are many forms of trafficking such as human trafficking, sex trafficking, and labor trafficking.” (“Human Trafficking”)
Michigan has seen a sixteen percent increase in reported human trafficking cases. Polaris, an organization that helps fight human trafficking across the globe, released the data from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, stating that there were 152 Michigan Human Trafficking cases reported in 2015. They included 122 of sex trafficking and 18 cases of labor trafficking. In 2014, 131 cases were reported were reported since 2007, the NHTRC has
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