The Causes And Effects Of Low Self Esteem

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The causes and effects of low self-esteem must be considered to have a deeper understanding regarding the process in achieving healthy ageing. Acknowledging that older adults’ self-esteem is part of their overall health is the first step. Further, addressing the factors that contribute to deterioration of self-confidence is fundamental to generate an effective plan of care in increasing self-esteem among older adults. Provision of an effective and sensible plan of care conforming to older adults’ needs is the main goal of nursing, thus knowing the steps to increase self-esteem is necessary. There are numerous steps to increase self-esteem corresponding to the causes of low self-esteem.
First, addressing the physical aspect. Nurses and other health care providers should focus more on strengths of older adults rather than their weakness. For example, an older adult that cannot dress himself alone can have the opportunity to increase self-esteem by allowing him to pick clothes he prefers. Furthermore, involvement of other health care providers is essential in increasing independence among older adults in regards to dressing. Ensure that occupational therapists are involve in the process to allow usage of devices that will help donning and doffing clothes and shoes easy and independently.
Additionally, assess older adults’ individual capabilities and avoid stressing their physical limitations. Involve of older adults to activities such as art therapy that enhances their…
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