The Causes And Effects Of Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters like hurricanes affect town and cites all over the United States.
In the last decade natural disasters have wreaked extensive property damage across the country; some of these storms are enormous that form over water traveling miles to reach the mainland. According to Michael B, Sauter, September, 2016; More than 35 million U.S. single-family homes and condos, the equivalent of $6.6 trillion in residential property, are at high risk of damage from natural disasters. Those homes account for 43% of the total single-family residential property in the United States. The human should always be our first thoughts with these events. Unfortunately, there are other impacts on people’s lives, sometimes the loss of life. There are many dangers caused by hurricanes some of which are strong winds with continues hail that can uproot trees, knock over homes and building and potentially toss deadly debris around like signs, and can also flip cars. Storm surge, another cause of hurricane damage consist of rising pressure, high winds and high waves that make landfall.
Apart from the storm surge, heavy rainfall causes both flash and long term flooding. Tropical storms and hurricanes are known to dump as much as a meter (about 3 feet) of rain in just a couple of days, creating big problems for residents who believe they are safe just because they do not live on or near the coast. In fact flooding kills more people than the strong winds do. Here are some of the rainfall
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