The Causes And Effects Of Nostalgia In The 1700s

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Nostalgia lives in our veins, we breath and vision it all the time. Nostalgia was a disease throughout the early 1700’s, was coined with a mixture of Greek words of returning home and pain: Throughout the war, nostalgic were affecting the troops over the scale of homesick to perform their duties and the only option to recover the troop was by sending them back home. Now nostalgia has influenced modern day as generations expresses time back at their “good old days”, wishing that they could flashback. Nostalgic has even swayed the media perceptive as recreating their old films or shows in the new modern days to fill the gap of their childhood, and showing their children their favorite shows on television when they were a kid. As time goes…show more content…
Full house was introduced as an American sitcom about a group of friends help their friend, Danny, raise his kids after his wife passes away. The show first aired in 1987, presenting camaraderie as the years go by. In 1995, unfortunately they have announced of the final episode will air that year. As kids growing up, watching Full House was a gateway of our problems, and to compare theirs to our own. Netflix in 2016, announced they will be airing Fuller House as their spin-off. Bringing the classic series back, is also nostalgic of everyone’s childhood. Realizing how much the show is like your older sister. Hearing Stephanie Tanner saying, “how rude” again is reliving their youth. Dancing to same theme song, I’m reliving my childhood, it will forever have a place in everyone’s heart. Disney have released the movie Finding Nemo in 2005, about a father, Marlin, horrifically losing his son, Nemo, to scuba diver trying to prove himself. Along the way, Marlin is out to find Nemo as he encounters Dory, which later joins Marlin’s expedition to locate his son. Having a heartbreaking story, Finding Nemo, was a classic Disney movie throughout the years with motivating father trying to have his beloved son back. Which indeed appeal to several generation, hands down one of the best movies in that time. Disney after releasing Finding Dory, triggers their audience nostalgic moments when the movie was first released. As
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