The Causes And Effects Of Overfishing

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1.0 Introduction Millions of people consume fish every day in the world as a key source of protein, but not everybody question the sources of their food. Whether the source of their seafood is harmful to the marine environment or not. With the demand of consumers, many fisheries are overfishing to earn more profit. Overfishing is a serious environmental issue whereby the number of fishes caught excessively to an extent whereby the fish population is at risk of extinction. The problem has become increasingly worrying as it is increasing. Overfishing has a few causes mainly being unethical fishing. The problem can cause a lot of damage that includes the extinction of fish species and the damages of the marine ecosystem. However, there are also…show more content…
It also threatens the extinction of targeted species while destructing the marine habitat of the overfished area. 3.1 Marine life imbalance and ecosystem destruction Marine life imbalance could occur due to overfishing. This is because most fish species that are widely targeted are on top of the marine food chain like sharks and tuna, resulting in overpopulation of smaller preys. Killing off too many of these marine herbivores will affect the marine ecosystem by resulting in a great amount if algae increase or coral die-offs ("Overfishing | Threats | WWF", 2016). This happens because when a certain species is overfished to a very low population, the species cannot fulfil their role as a predator or prey of the habitat (Lee & Safina, 2016). 3.2 Threats extinction When a targeted species is continuously overfished, serious threats of extinction may occur. This is because the rate of fishing is so intense that the fishes cannot reproduce fast enough to catch up with the rate of the losses. A good example in Malaysia is that, close to half of the large shark species, including hammerhead sharks, are under threats of facing extinction due to overfishing of these species for their fins (Birn, n.d.). Some species were overfished to an extent that the number of sharks left now is less than 10% of the original number. Moreover, there are many fishes that are fished when they are still very young, hence, not given a chance to
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