The Causes And Effects Of Propaganda During World War II

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What is propaganda? Propaganda is the spreading of ideas information or rumors spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause. This concept can be really profitable and influential when utilized towards a community of people. It becomes even more efficient when it's employed in community filled with uncertainty. Before World War ll had begun most of Europe and Asia was going through a period of uncertainty with new ideas and new dictatorship for example,fascism,which had risen during the nineteenth century. In continuation, in the novel Making sense of Tyranny states “Accordingly there was little sense of that uncertainty and instability that characterizes life in the classical dictatorship.”(Simon Tormey). The quote documents how one of logical reason that dictatorship is displayed is when uncertainty takes place. In addition of uncertainty, the Great Depression was arising in the early 1900s, this gives another bulge of uncertainty. Moreover, uncertainty leads to more citizens believing anything and everything being said by anyone even if it's true or not which is the supremacy to efficacious propaganda. Now, during time of war the concept of propaganda can be highly beneficial. Propaganda was highly authenticate during World War II, it played a major contribution to war, and it's still in critical use till this day. So was propaganda the weapon that killed six million jews, and can genocide happen again? Propaganda
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