The Causes And Effects Of Slavery In The Atlantic World

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During the time of the Atlantic world the need for labours in the Americas was needed for the benefits of Europeans but to Africa's’ extent. Slavery had one of the most largest impacts on our known world. It impacted it in almost any way you can think of; weather it be economically, socially, politically, or just from our every day to day life. One of the most obvious causes of Slavery in the Atlantic world was that the practice of slavery. Slavery has been a thing for thousands of years, even though it may have not been the same kind of slavery practiced at the time, it definitely originate from other forms of less harsh and violent practices of the trade.
The way this form of slavery was caused can be traced back to indentured servants and the production of sugar otherwise known as ¨white gold¨ in the southern parts of america and the Places located in the Brazilian continent . Indentured servants were people from Europe who saught after the idea of a new world where the possibility for wealth and fame were in great abundance. To which they would give up 6 to 8 years of their lives to be a passenger off to this new land. And for exchange for their years of service. They were given safe passage, 40 acres of land, and tools to practice their varied trades. But, regardless; not all of these things could have been kept a promise if they weren't alive to receive them. The reasoning behind the loss of life being that Europe has had a cold climate were on the other hand, the places where the sugar plantations were located had the complete opposite. The climate happened to be very hot, humid, and was a very welcoming places to contract or give off tropical diseases such as malaria. To solve this problem, they began to get slaves from Africa from the slave trade to start to use for their needed labour. To which there were several benefits. One, they were easier to identify as slaves due to their obvious skin color. Secondly, both the land and where it was located allowed for slaves to easily know how to farm and harvest because of the similar heat and climate in Africa, and it also allowed for runaway slaves to be found and caught much quicker due to their unfamiliarity of the surrounding area. But most
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