The Causes And Effects Of Slavery In The Atlantic World

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Slavery in the Atlantic World has brought Africans to the Americas to work brutal long days with little to no food. These Africans were taken away from their families and forced into slavery. Now these Africans and Native Americans had started to die because of all of these diseases over in the Americas that they could not fight off. What was the causes and effects of the Africans being traded into slavery? One of the causes was that the Africans needed the manufactured goods so sometimes they traded the Africans for them. Another part of why they did it was because people in the Americas were looking for cheap labor so they got African slaves. With having the cheap the owners of the slaves didn’t have to pay them very much and they could also just trade their manufactured goods so they didn’t have to pay or do very much to get them. More causes of why they were traded to the Americas were that in The Atlantic World they had a Mid-Atlantic trading system called Triangular Trade. They did this because if the Africans tried to escape they would be easier to see, therefore they would be easier to catch. With this non-muslim prisoners could be bought and sold as slaves. Over time they brought approximately a year in the 16th century, but then it started to increase with over 100,00 slaves being imported to The Americas each year. Some effects/negatives were that these Africans and Native Americans started to get diseases from when they were over in the Americas. They soon
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