The Causes And Effects Of Stress In Everyday Life

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In the busy world of today, people are being pulled in numerous directions simultaneously. People have tasks at work as well as at home, and occasionally it all becomes excessive. Human bodies commence making people realize that they are feeling the stress of their everyday lives. Theses stressful feelings are produced by the instinctive need of the body to guard itself (Rice, 2017). Normally, this instinct is appropriate if dangers arise, for instance, when a person is required to sidestep the path of a fast-moving vehicle. Nevertheless, stress may lead to physical as well as health effects if it is not correctly managed.
Stress can be brought on by a number of different things. A person might feel stress when he/she attends a job interview, sits for an examination, or even before or after running in a race. This kind of stress or anxiety is normal in any of these formats, but it is also temporary and once these task are completed the stress will go away. In addition to temporary stress, there are personal challenges that a person may face in their everyday lives that may cause stress, a person’s health, if a person has a chronic illness or disease (i.e. heart failure, arthritis, or diabetes). These illnesses may cause them to worry about their longevity. When someone is diagnosed with a long-term disease a lot of them automatically think that their lives are over, not really understanding that chronic illnesses are treatable and under the proper care could may not severely

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