The Causes And Effects Of Tardiness At High School

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Dear, Elliott, Laurel and McNeely, Susan

The point of having the tardy policy is to make sure students get to school on time and don’t miss any important time of class, but there are certain incidents that happen to people that actually weren’t there fault. The tardy policy actually punishes those people. These are some of the reasons that the tardy policy should not be taken out but to be modified. It takes time off of class and free time after school, it temps students to come to school at all, and how unfair the punishment system is towards students.

First the tardy policy takes time away for the students to learn and socialize with their friends. An experiment that had implemented a similar tardy policy to the one we have right now is to see if the experiment is a success in keeping students from being tardy. Where students become sweep if they become late shows how the students are missing the whole class time but, they were only two minutes late. Students will be now struggling to make up the work because they weren’t there in the class but if they came up late and in class they would have the rest of class to learn instead of losing a whole class period. A study that has results to this experiment called “School wide intervention to reduce chronic tardiness at High school level” shows that the effect of losing instructional time and likely to significantly affect the capacity of the entire student population to meet rigorous academics. So why are having this
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