The Causes And Effects Of The Great Depression

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The Great Depression started in 1929 and lasted up until 1939. It happens to be the worst economic downturn for the United States and the the rest of the world. It caused companies and corporations to eventually go bankrupt as well as workers to be laid off. Another effect of The Great Depression is that factory production was reduced, and the banks started to shut down. In the lowest point of The Great Depression in 1933 nearly 15 million workers in America were unemployed and one half of the banks started shutting down. Businesses were greatly affected by The Great Depression. As banks started shutting down the whole American economy started experiencing deflation. Deflation is when money starts to have less value. Because of this, businesses began to cut costs meaning they would need to lay off workers. The workers being laid off can't buy anything so companies can’t sell anything. This results in the company eventually having too much inventory which they cannot sell. The companies would then have to resort to reducing their prices to sell all their stockpiled products. This causes profits to drop, making companies lay off more workers, repeating the cycle again and eventually lead to the company going bankrupt. All the unemployment caused many to live in poverty. This poverty caused many to make makeshift houses. Some even made neighborhood. One of the worst cases of these were known as Hoovervilles. One of the most famous images of one of these hoovervilles was
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