The Causes And Effects Of Workers In The Industrial Revolution

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Tim Johnson


December 12, 2017

Imagine working 13 hours straight in a harsh environment, where your health and livelihood are compromised. You barely make any money, and you rarely see your family. Your mobility was limited, and your skill set determined your worth. The Industrial Revolution, lasted a century from the mid-1700s to the mid-1800s, and helped Britain economy rise to the top of the world, bringing various unprecedented technological advancements, new efficient economic advancements, and transformation from an agricultural society to an urbanized power, focusing on commercialization. All these advancements came at the cost of public health, and safety of lower to middle class workers.

Although officials made efforts to better the working conditions of the factory, many workers suffered from unemployment, dangerous working conditions, along with extremely low wages, and sexual abuse. The extremely poor working conditions of the Industrial Revolution compromised the health and well-being of workers (In source 10 and 11) An example of the workers being treated unfairly is the spoiled food they were “Yes, at times with the dust; sometimes we could not eat it, when it had got a lot of dust on.” (source 10) “We did earn somewhat more here- two talers a week- but the conditions in the factory were horrible: it was said that anyone who worked there for a few years had consumption. There
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