The Causes And Impact Of Microsoft And The Smartphone

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1. Introduction Microsoft is one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Founded by Bill Gates in 1975, and since the 1990´s it has been recognized as the dominant company in the world of computing, until the last years. With the released of iPhone by Apple in 2007 and of Android by Google in the 2008, the power and relevance of Microsoft has decreased, especially in the smartphone market, having less than 1% of the smartphone market share in 2017. Undoubtedly, the develop of smartphones have been a completely headache to Microsoft since 2007, and the trend tell us that it will continue that way. But, which are the main reasons Microsoft lost that relevance in the smartphone sector? And why are they still not able to develop a competitive smartphone? This paper presents a relation of causes and effects that lead…show more content…
Late response: In June of 2007 Apple launched the first generation of the iPhone, in 2008 HTC launched the first smartphone with Android. It was until 2010 with the release of the Windows Phone 7, that Microsoft decided to really enter into the smartphones market, competing against Apple and Google, three years after. 2. Bad marketing campaigns: In the last years the marketing campaigns of Microsoft did not reflect the power of the company. People were more aware of the new releases of Samsung and Apple, meanwhile the ones from Microsoft went unnoticed. Microsoft failed to capture the attention of the public and to generate a feeling of excitement with each release of a new smartphone. 3. Lack of innovation: With all the financial power that Microsoft has, it could develop a new futurist cellphone, one that would change again the way of using and living with smartphones, becoming once again the leader in technology advances. But instead of that, it seemed that it was always in a race to reach its competitors, offering the same products, without generating any extraordinary change. That change that everyone expected from
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