The Causes And Impacts Of Child Abuse

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Alexia Dellemann
Alicia Hoffman
English Composition 1 #82263
29 November 2017
Child Abuse The Center of Disease Control states that about 1,670 children died from child abuse and neglect in 2015 (“Violence Prevention.”). Child abuse is defined as mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian (“Child Abuse.”). It includes physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, sexual abuse, emotional/mental abuse, and substance abuse. Physical abuse is when the person intentionally causes physical injury to the child while neglect is when the parent or guardian fail to provide basic needs for the child. In addition, abandonment is when a parent leaves a child alone where they are harmed or fail to contact their child. Moreover, sexual abuse is when a parent fondles, rapes or indecent exposure of the child. Next there is emotional/mental abuse which is when a parent criticizes, threats, or rejects the child while showing them no love or support. Lastly, some states classify substance abuse as child abuse and that’s when the child is exposed to drugs/alcohol, make drugs near children or prenatal exposure. While completing my research I interviewed a child abuse victim named Halley, whose last name will remain unknown to ensure anonymity. Child abuse is harmful to a child, because it affects them physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or their individuality. Some children after being abused are left with a constant physical reminder of what has happened to them. The physical reminders could
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