The Causes And Impacts Of Vice Media

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In 2013, Vice Media, a former punk magazine, had shocked the world with their HBO series showing the “basketball diplomacy” between United States and North Korea. Like never before, Americans had finally seen what inside North Korea through the eyes of this new emerging media company. By essentially going against traditional ways of delivering the news, the company had surprised most existed media companies. Vice Media has since then been in the public eye. Regarding how they execute their contents, Vice media could be seen as an example of postmodernism.
Unlike many mainstream media, Vice uses gonzo journalism, in which the journalist put him/herself as a part of the story, to deliver their contents. With that being said, Vice would send their staff members into a real-life dangerous situation where they would film every raw image like bloodshed and slaying. They would also let the camera know what they feel or think about the situation. In one of their HBO series filming in Afghanistan, the journalist had given an emotional speech after his interview with the child suicide bombers without any filter. With this journaling method, not only does Vice provide the audience with the facts of the story without any filter, but it also allows them to reflect on all the emotion received by the narrator. Vice has also loosened the format of the traditional television reporting. They began to use the twist of combining news with entertainment to make news stories more relatable and
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