The Causes And Impacts Of Westward Expansion In America

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Westward expansion begun when Americans began to make purchases of territories in the west. The expansion included Manifest Destiny which was the idea of bringing liberty to the lands. Before the Louisiana Purchase, Native Americans occupied all of the land to the west of the Mississippi River. Native Americans abided by tribal law, traded, produced crafts, tools, and clothing. Their appearance typically obtained long hair for both men and women, head dresses, skirts, and or dresses, before the white men interfered. They lived in extended family groups with ties to other tribes that spoke the same language. While expanding, farmers found fertile lands, developments of railroads increased, trade increased, and due to the Gold Rush in California, the discovery of gold influenced the expansion. Settlers would be in hopes to discover treasurous gold, therefore they would expand. Often conflicts and clashes would occur due to many Native Americans disliking living on reservations often poor and starving. The settlers often brought diseases, and killed off thousands of buffalo.Western expansion and the federal government affected the Native Americans by assimilation, conflicts and clashes finally, treaties and acts. Assimilation, the process in being absorbed into another culture's ways, made a large impact upon the natives. This factor transformed Native Americans lives by captivating their beliefs as well as transforming the typical appearance of one. A quote from a book written by Chief Luther Standing Bear called My People, The Sioux regarding boarding schools strongly indicated the impacts that assimilation had upon natives. The quote being, “My idea was that I was leaving the reservation and going to stay long enough to do some brave deed, and come home again alive.” The originator of this quote was in hopes to do a deed in which would benefit his native culture or tribe, and return back to his reservation simply alive fulfilled with his religious beliefs. Chief Luther Standing Bear, an American author and a Lakota chief, stated that if he had not learned the ways of a white man, maybe his father would be proud of him as his nationality of nativism was taken away by assimilation. Before, during, and after

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