The Causes And Outcomes Of The French And Indian War

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Contrast and Compare the Causes and Outcomes of the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The wars prior to the Civil War may have taken place at different times throughout our history, they all feed into to one another like a river feeds a lake and a lake feeds into a river. It may have not seemed like it in the beginning but each one had a lasting effect and direct connection to the events of the future wars. All the wars prior to the Civil War had a direct purpose to building one of the Greatest Nations that still stands today. But each war led to another which could be directly link to the previous war. The French and Indian Wars were a series of conflicts between Spanish, Dutch, Britain, the thirteen colonies and Native American allies against France, its colonies in Canada, and its Native American allies. The wars took place from 1689-1763. The United States was not involved in the war until 1754-1763. The major cause of these conflicts was the need for other countries to control the territories of the North American, mainly the area around the Hudson Bay. The Hudson Bay area was essential to the fur trade. Whoever controlled that area would dominate the fur trade in North America. The French and Indian war could have been lost in the colonies but the military advantage shifted to Great Britain as a result of a bigger population and productivity compared to the French colonies. Also the British had a better ability to resupply the

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