The Causes And Positive Effects Of Ecotourism

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Topic: Tourism
Title: Positive Effects of Ecotourism
Type: Cause and effect
Word count: Currently, the earth has some profitable ways to earn more money and investing it to other infrastructures which are required the attention from governments. Tourism is one of the developing industries in the world. In addition, revenues which come from tourism most of countries utilizing it to develop of the medicine or building the skyscrapers. However, tourism itself can be divided into several types and one of the types that develops in fast pace, is ecotourism which amount of people increases by 30% annually(Mozgovaya, 2003). Ecotourism focused on strengthening and sustenance of natural system by tourism(Kiper,2013). It means that the main role
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Despite to economical gains which utilize for environmental safety, usage of natural resources, environmental education promotes using the natural resources in correctly and being in responsible behavior(Beaumont, 2001 as cited in Sander,2010, p21). Being well-educated in that kind of tourism has numbers of advantages. In the first step, it helps to expand mental outlook of a person, to encourage others who are visitors if they teach them how to keep clean and protect environment and flora and fauna because that ideas might help to governments to standing out from crowd that competitors it is obvious that is advantage of country and in tourism sphere. conversation nature from international tourists, and the most important side locals can find work in entertainment places such as parks, gardens and guiding visitors and explanations about places. Some governments invest money which have gotten by tourism and they invest it to the education fully in order to prevent them from poverty rate for instance increasing the amount of individuals who are non-educated can influence to children of the illiterate parents. However, the tourism is the best way to avoid from illiteracy because politics think that investing our young generation might be useful and hopeful for government development. On the other hand, getting positive result from education can require many years and time consuming and it requires huge amount of
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