The Causes And Prevention Of Africa

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Poverty in Africa Africa is the only continent that is economically getting worse over the last three decades (Houston). Even though Africa is a land full of natural resources, there are too many conflicts and other causes that the people cannot utilize these resources to improve their economy. The most poorest parts of Africa is located at Sub-Saharan area, where most people live in extreme-poverty and they have trouble feeding themselves. It is important to understand the causes of poverty in those areas in order to set up aids to help those people because the aids can be easily shipped into the poor areas after identifying and analyzing the causes and problems. The causes and possibly recovery ways will be the main aspect of this paper. All of the reviewed articles focused on the causes of Africa 's poverty. Dr. Houston (2009) pointed out that Africa has enormous amounts of minerals. Africa has world 's most bauxite, cobalt, industrial diamond, phosphate rock, platinum-group metals, vermiculite, and zirconium. Why can 't the Africans take advantage of these natural resources and increase the quality of life by utilizing and selling these precious minerals? It is the corrupted governments that prevent these minerals from being used by the Africans. All the authors agreed that in Africa, only the elite controls the resources. The upper-class people make profits from these resources, while the poor receive nothing. Also, many African countries are either going to wars or
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