The Causes And Preventions Of Cancer

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CANCER….the scariest word a doctor can say. There are many causes and preventions of cancer. I picked this topic because my step-dad has battled cancer 3 times. He was diagnosed with brain cancer just a couple months before the NFL draft that he was participating in. It was a rough time for him, getting diagnosed with brain cancer right before the biggest moment in his life. He is our walking miracle. Cancer is an abnormal cell function that starts to grow out of control. Cancer is the 2nd largest causes of death in the United States. On the American Cancer Society website, researchers found that cancer has been around for many years. The term cancer has not always been used. The oldest description of cancer was called Edwin Smith Papyrus, which dates back to 3000 B.C. in Egypt. The early discoveries of cancer is found among fossilized bone tumors, old manuscripts and even found on mummies in early Egypt. Researchers found skeletons with tumors on the heads, necks and other parts of the skeletons. In the Renaissance Era, which was the beginning of the 15th century, scientist started understanding a little more about the human body. Galileo and Newton started using the scientific method, which later helped in the study of disease. Harvey in 1628, started doing autopsies, which help understand the circulation of the blood which was a mystery until then. In 1761, Giovanni Morgagni was the first to make autopsies a routine to help find out the patient’s illness after

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