The Causes And Psychological Effects Of Ptsd Essay

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The Causes and Psychological Effects of PTSD Megan Nusbickel Caledonia-Mumford High School and GCC

PTSD is particularly common anxiety disorder that can affect people who have underwent a trauma and are unable to cope with the memories and fear that follow. Many people correlate PTSD with veterans or military personnel, however, many ordinary civilians account for the growing number of cases of this disorder. Typically the types of trauma that result in this anxiety disorder have to do with, sexual or physical abuse, combat, or even natural disasters. People who develop PTSD as a result of any one of these traumas are subject to psychological effects such as self-destructive behavior, fight-or-flight response, avoidance, and physical changes to the structure of the brain. These issues come from the underlying anxiety associated with the development of PTSD.

The Causes and Psychological Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Following World War I and World War II a number of war veterans developed a disorder commonly referred to as, “Shell shock”, and, “Battle fatigue.” Following the Vietnam War people began to acknowledge this once undiagnosed issue to be what we refer to now as post-traumatic stress disorder, a disorder that is commonly developed in an individual after an event that caused them extreme
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