The Causes And Results Of Bacon 's Rebellion

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The causes and results of Bacon’s Rebellion had a significant impact on Virginia politics. It was the part of the continuing struggle to define between the Indian and white lands in Virginia. There were numerous disagreements on policies toward the natives. It revealed the bitterness of the competition between eastern and western landowners. Moreover, it was the potential for instability in the colony’s large population of free, landless men, who were former indentured servants that were propertyless and unemployed. These men had formed the group of Bacon’s supporters during the rebellion. They had become a large, unstable population, who wanted for access to land. Land owners in both eastern and western Virginia began to have a common interest in preventing social unrest. It was one of several reasons why they turned increasingly to the African slave trade to achieve their need for labor. The social unrest was created by the former indentured servants, who were propertyless and unemployed.
2. Mercantilism, the foundation of the English economy, contributed to increase the profitability of colonies and power of the English government to supervise them. Colonial commence would allow for England to export manufactured goods and import a source for raw materials it could not produce at home. England excluded foreigners from its colonial trade in order to monopolize trade relations with its colonies. Therefore, English government designed to regulate colonial commence more
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