The Causes And Summaries Of England's Imperial Stivalries

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England’s Imperial Stirrings
England was slow to establish New World colonies due to their own problems, such as religion rivalry. Also since they were allies with Spain, in the beginning, they didn't really care for the overseas colonies, since they weren't competing enemies. -During the 1530s, King Henry VIII left the Roman Catholic Church. -He also started the Protestant Reformation. -Protestantism came to the top when Queen Elizabeth took the throne. -When Elizabeth took over England, the fight with Spain grew. -The Irish reached out to Spain when Elizabeth was started to take over. -Spain’s aids were not helpful and Elizabeth took over. -The English viewed the natives of the New World as “savages.”

Elizabeth Energizes England
England’s triumph over the Spanish Armada was the downfall of Spain, and was the turning point for England to colonizing the New World, when in the beginning they started to realize the importance of colonization. -The English buccaneers or “sea dogs” wanted to spread protestantism, despite the state of peace between Spain and England. -Francis Drake was one of those “sea dogs” and returned in 1580 with Spain’s treasures. -Sir Gilbert’s death led to Sir Raleigh, his half brother, to take another try. -In 1585, Raleigh set course for North Carolina’s Roanoke Island. -But after a while, the Roanoke colony disappeared
-Spain, on the other hand, was successful with
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