The Causes Behind The Atrocities Experienced During World War II

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When evaluating the causes behind the atrocities experienced during World War II, many reasons for these events can be found in the conditions occurring beforehand. Beyond this, many of these causes can be applicable contributions to each World War. In terms of cause, World War II can be considered an inevitable continuation of the first World War. It erupted due to Hitler’s extreme desire for expansion and hostile foreign policy, war was immediately declared upon German militarization of Poland. However, the expectation for global warfare had been longstanding before Mussolini and Hitler came to power or Japan’s assault upon China. Whereas the tensions leading to World War I came about due to a rise in nationalism in response to…show more content…
Moving further, Germans began challenging their current political structure, as a large majority of civilians now rejected the seemingly weak authority of the Weimar Republic. With the decrease in faith towards a strong democratic republic, a desire for a powerful nationalistic leader such as Adolf Hitler arose. Hitler and the Nazi Party were able to quickly spread their own extremist beliefs through the rising German nationalism. For instance, Hitler utilized the appeal of uniting all Germans in Europe in a singular nation, then using this unification to strengthen German desire for expansion and militarization. He desired the power colonize and control Eastern territories, an establishment of complete power demonstrated previously by imperial powers such as Britain. However, Hitler and the Nazis also maintained a sense of Aryan racial superiority, believing all other races were inferior to the Germans, especially Jews. They called for a complete ethnic cleansing, thus resulting in the Holocaust. As horrific as these beliefs were, they were made possible through a remarkable faith in Hitler and the Nazi Party. The extremist actions taken within Nazi Germany can be traced back to a desire for nationalism due to the results of the Treaty of Versailles and diminishing of faith in a failing democratic system.
Another cause of the brutality and
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