The Causes Of Academic Stress Among College Students

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Academic Stress Among College Students
Stress is derived from many areas and can be found in just about anything. When it comes to college, stress in academics is no stranger. Students tend to find themselves dealing with not only stress, but with its relatives, anxiety and depression too. Stress and health are linked with one another. A walk around a campus reveals many different ways student’s cope with their stress.
The word stress is directly relating to the psychological state of what a person believes is considered being successful and the way he or she can adjust to the demand of society to make achievements (Bhujade, 2017). “Academic stress is mental distress with respect to some anticipated frustration associated with academic failure” (Lal, 2014, p.123). College students take on predictable amounts of stress each semester due to academic commitments, financial pressure, and lack of time management skills (Misra, Ranjita & McKean, M & West, S & Russo, & T, 2000). Students in college know that managing time is crucial to studying for exams, quizzes, and tests. Students also recognize that balancing college and personal life is very important. Plenty of time each student will find that they are slacking in either their schooling or personal life, this can be a simple find and fix or become a process for many that leads to academic stress.
A source of stress is having difficulty achieving social intimacy (Bhujade, 2017). A big part of college is communicating
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