The Causes Of Anastasio Somoza's Revolution?

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Anastasio Somoza would rule Nicaragua until 1956 when he was assassinated by a young college student. Upon the death of the elder Somoza, his two sons would take control of the country (Walker 1981). Luis Somoza would take control of the Presidency and his brother Anastasio Somoza Debayle would control the National Guard (Walker 1981). The policies of Luis would line the pockets of the wealthy and ignore the poor, while Anastasio would use the National Guard to brutally quell any uprising or political opponents (Walker 1981). After Luis became ill, Anastasio would take control of the presidency and command of the National Guard. 1960’s Nicaragua was a country mostly void of a middle class, there was the upper class who were close to the regime and then was the poor working class who had no voice in the government. The majority of the country was fertile farmland where those who worked the fields were poor farmers who could not own the fields that they worked. The mountains around the Honduran border were populated with poor villages who, like the farmers, had no say in the government. The education system was poor and there was a high illiteracy rate. With no way to have their voices heard, most of the population had some discontent with the Somoza government. Because of the oppressive government there many citizens who were unhappy and many uprisings were attempted (Walker 1981). One such uprising was the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) who was more commonly
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