The Causes Of Child Abuse

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In today’s world a person faces many problems such as financial, marriage, education, abuse, and a lot others. One of the most important problems in our society is child abuse. “What is child abuse?” It is when a child or children is being abused physically, sexually and psychologically. Every year 3.6 million cases are reported of child abuse. In 2015, nearly 683,000 children were abused in United States, in the same year an estimated of 1,670 children died of child abuse. The United State has the worst records of child abuse cases. 4 out of 5 abusers are children’s or child’s parents. “Mary Ellen McCormack” now many readers might be thinking “who is she?” and why her name is being mentioned. Mary Ellen was a child who was abused by her mother. Mary Ellen testified “Mama has been inhabited of whipping and beating me every day.” “she used to whip me with a twisted whip, mama gave me a black and a blue mark on my head, cut me on the right with a pair of scissors in her hand,” Mary Ellen was an orphaned who was adopted by Thomas and his wife Marry McCormack. Thomas died soon after adoption. The overburdened and unhappy wife took off her anger on Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen’s case created the first child protective agency and laws. The causes of child abuse are alcoholic abuse, pattern, depression and behavior issue let’s get in more details.

The relationship between child abuse and the use or abuse of alcohol has two aspects. First, some findings have indicated that parental

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