The Causes Of Child Slavery In The Philippines

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Slavery Informational Essay
"In the Philippines, there are 2.1 million child labourers aged 5-17 years old" ("Child Labour in the Philippines"). In the Philippines they used to not have laws against children working in dangerous conditions. But, in recent decades the Philippine government has passed laws that make it illegal for children to work in these dangerous conditions. But the laws have not been enforced as much as they should be so children are still working in these very dangerous conditions and skipping school to help their family. Many factors contribute to child slavery and other various problems in the Philippines. These factors do not have to be necessarily all human. Some in fact, are because of climate change. Some causes of problems in the Philippines are because of its own government putting laws in place but then not enforcing them or doing anything about people who do break them. Also, just everyday life, working conditions and wages also make it very hard to come out of these poverty cycles. Which then children are exploited for work and do not go to school.
Climate change makes it easier for people to exploit slavery. According to Justine Calma, author of "Climate Change Has Created a New Generation of Sex-Trafficking Victims" published in Quartz, states "After the skies cleared, a second humanitarian disaster unfolded in the Tacloban Astrodome, a sports arena where thousands took shelter. An underground economy took root as women and girls were sold
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