The Causes Of Childhood Obesity

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Causes of Childhood Obesity Imagine yourself walking into a kindergarten class, and all you see are obese children not walking, but moving on wheels because they simply cannot walk anymore due to their excess body weight. Their legs are so weak since they have to handle so much more weight than what they are designed to do. This vision may no longer be fictional if the world keeps ignoring the issue of childhood obesity. Nowadays, not only adults, but the number of children who are obese are incredibly high. The topic has to be taken more seriously because it is not only bad for their health obviously but it is also abusive. Youngsters with obesity will tend to stay obese when they grow up and we can all agree that it is not so pleasant to be in such circumstances. These children are our worthiest fortune and the world’s future generation. When the time comes, their quality of life and level of happiness will accurately reflect how we raise them and how much caring and love do we have toward them. Every issue has its own roots of problems and we have to identify those before heading to find solutions. Definitions: According to researches over decades, “overweight” or “obese” are usually used to describe the condition of having too much excess body fat. The most common way to measure if someone is overweight is based on their BMI. Someone with a BMI over 30 will be considered as obese. In the 21th century where technology has become another irreplaceable factor of life,

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