The Causes Of Civil War

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Solomon Otubo Asst. Proff. Gülay Uğuru Göksel
What are the causes of Civil War? Do ethnic determinants play an important role? Why are certain parts of Africa characterized by ethnic conflict while other parts remain relatively calm?
The conventional understanding on the causes of civil war especially within African countries, to a considerable degree, has being predominantly characterized to draw its root on ethnic divergences. However, such premise appear extremely difficult to be true, owing to the fact that civil war is a complex action and requires the interplay of different variables to make it visible. Nonetheless, the role of ethnic differences in determining civil war cannot be overemphasized. But generalizing ethnic differences as a prime factor that result to civil war sounds unreasonable irrespective of what the actors pretend or claim to have motivated them. For instance, all most every country in Africa is multi-ethnic oriented state, and in such a cross cultural environment, it is usual for the minority to lay claim of being short changed either one way or the other. However not all the African countries have witnessed civil war. Within such context one can draw a logical conclusion that there are other variables which directly or indirectly play an interwoven role with ethnicism, or hide under the umbrella of ethnic diversities to cause civil war.
In this paper I will develop a constructive model which shows the correlation of different variables as the

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