The Causes Of Colonialism And Imperialism

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Imperialism – The act of stronger nations taking direct control of weaker nations in order to to create empires economically, politically, culturally, and/or militarily. Much of Africa and Asia were under European domination because of imperialism.
Nationalism – A citizen’s passionate feeling of devotion and pride for their country. Nationalism usually suggests that a nation’s people believe themselves, their ideals, and their goals to be superior to those of other nations. Many citizens felt a rise in nationalism due to competition among European nations for large empires.
Annex – The act of an already existing country acquiring and controlling a new territory. The United States expanded by annexing Texas.
Banana Republic – Minor C. Keith provided financial services to the government of Costa Rica. In return, he won long-term leases for lands and railroad lines. By 1913, Keith’s United Fruit Company exported 50 million bunches of a bananas a year to the United States. The bananas also played a significant role in the governments and economies of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. Because of this, Costa Rica was referred to as a banana republic (as were other countries who depended on one primary resource for most of their economic influx).
Alfred T. Mahan – Argued that the nation’s economic future hinged on gaining new markets abroad. In his view, the United States need a powerful navy to protect these markets from foreign rivals. Established “naval power=economic power”.
Social Darwinism – The discriminatory belief that expansionism was not only the nation’s destiny, but also a noble pursuit since Christianity and modern civilization should be introduced to other inferior “heathen” peoples around the world. Many respected leaders such as Congregationalist minister Josiah Strong and Indiana senator Albert J. Beveridge were social darwinists. They believed the civilizations produced by Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic (Germanic) peoples were superior to the societies they conquered.

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Why did Imperialism grow in Europe in the late 1800s? There are several economic, nationalistic, military, and humanitarian reasons that contributed to the growth of
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