Environment Essay: The Cause Of Crime

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The cause of crime
When an individual commits a crime it is society that has placed laws to find this individual guilty of such crime(s). This individual will now face the consequences of their action. But what caused this individual to participate in criminal activities? What causes crime? In order to answer such question, one has to understand what crime is. Nadia defined crime as “the breach of laws that are laid down by the ruling authority of the land” ( via mechanisms such as legal systems can ultimately prescribe a conviction. There can be various causes of crime. Each individual may give you their own opinion and answer of what causes crime. This document will provide you with three main factors contributing to this issue and how these issues show that the cause of crime is a never ending cycle that the society has placed out for many years. This cycle is due to 3 main issues, which are Environmental influences, followed by poverty and over population. This document will not be stating that these are the only causes but arguing by why these are the four main causes contribute strongly to this never ending cycle and why its society’s doing. Following this document the readers will understand more in-depth of this continuing cycle.
Environmental influences Such as fostering adoption etc. are all major factors that motivates an individual towards criminal activities. Adoption or fostering homes are great examples of how an environment can influence an
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