The Causes Of Cyber Attacks On Financial Institutions Essay

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Cybersecurity: The Causes of Cyber Attacks on Financial Institutions
During the last decade there have been an extensive number of cases of illegal information collecting, kidnapping and criminal misuse of personal data, illegal financial transactions, theft and online fraud. Modern technologies used for the commission of terrorist acts, violations of normal operation of the automated process control systems for infrastructure facilities. The politically motivated activities in cyberspace in the form of attacks on government and private websites become more widespread.
Modern cyberspace and the level of development of information technologies provide unique capabilities for managing complex processes in public infrastructures, including defense, energy, transport, banking and many other areas of economic activity. Their role in meeting the personal needs of the individuals such as obtaining information, education, entertainment is invaluable.
However, the opportunities of the Internet technologies are used for criminal purposes increasingly. The Internet users are constantly under the threat of cyber attacks. The sources of cyber attacks are irresponsible pranksters, hooligans, unscrupulous competitors, the terrorists, and even government agencies.
Accordingly, the effects of the attacks can be very different - from the placement, without the owner 's permission, on your computer desktop smiling imp harmless to block the normal operation of large computer networks, with
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