The Causes Of Depression In Teens And Teenage Depression

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Depression affects 25 million people a year. When the feeling of hopelessness and despair just would not go away make be caused by depression. Depression makes it hard to function in your everyday life. Getting through the day may be overwhelming. Although depression is a very common mood disorder. The death of a family member, being fired from a current job, ending a long term relationship are some difficult experiences for most people. It is normal to feel sad or grief to these situations, some describe this as being depressed. But being sad is very different from having depression. Grieving is a natural process to each individual and some share the same feeling of depression. Both Depression and grief may involve the same intense withdrawal and sadness from the normal activities you do. In grief the feeling of pain comes in waves often mixed with both happiness and sadness. But with major depression the grieving process can last up to two weeks.
For most people losing a loved one can bring on major depression, especially was someone was very close to you.
In teens' depression is very common as we all know teen years can be very tough. Depression affects teenagers a lot more then we realize it is calculated that one in five teen that of all walk of life will suffer from depression. This can destroy a teen's personality causing an overwhelming sense of sadness, anger, despair. Many unhealthy and rebellious behavior scans be an indication of depression. In
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