The Causes Of Drug Trafficking In The United States

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All hail drug traffickers
“The mexican drug war left more than 60,000 people dead and threatened to destroy the entire country.” Drugs have been a big thing in countries across Latin America for many years. One of the most popular drugs there is Cocaine. Many people believe that Latin America is drug populated. These people are right. Latin American countries like Mexico, Peru, and Columbia are three of the most drug populated countries in the world. Although some people may say that’s only three countries, but in reality those countries are large countries.
In December of 2006, the government started a war with drug traffickers. This was the start of the Mexican drug war. “At the same time as the drug war was starting drug cartels fought for control of the territory” (“Mexico Drug War Fast Facts.” CNN). As the Mexican government was gearing up to battle the drug traffickers, conditions were getting even worse. The drug cartels were battling each other to gain control of the land. If the fighting is caused by drugs in some way it is impossible for Latin America not to be largely populated by drugs. This drug war is still going on today in Mexico. For example “As long as the demand for drugs remains high, drug trafficking will remain a problem, and the drug war will continue,” Experts stated ("Mexico Drug War Fast Facts." CNN Wire). Since there is always a demand for drugs, than drug trafficking will stay a problem that we face. The more and more people that have a demand
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