The Causes Of Drug Trafficking

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The crime I chose is drug trafficking. Drug Trafficking has affected nearly every inch of the world. Drug trafficking has brought untold riches to criminals and has left almost everything else in society tainted. Drug Trafficking has affected both the minority and majority members around the globe. Every country in the world criminal’s groups seem to have their hand in the drug trade. Even though almost every country criminal’s organization has their hand in the drug trade it is the unstable countries who really have a big impact in the illegal drug trade.
The countries that leads the drug trade are Latin America countries lead by the Latin American Cartels. The Cartels and other Organized Crime work together to distribute drugs across
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The Cartel have gained the respect of the locals where they are stationed at in many cases. The cartel has earned the trust of locals by donating to the community and established don’t ask don’t tell aspect in the aspect of being questioned by the Cartel enemies. The same riches are equivalent to other organized crime groups as well.
The structures of the organizations crime groups are somewhat different but the same. Organized crime groups like the Mafia who are involved in the drug trade is structured in the of a Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, caporegime, soldiers and associates. The biker crime groups are structured in the order of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, sergeant at arms, road captain, patch members, life members, and prospects. The Cartel is structed in the order of a Headquarters, Regionals Directors, and Cells. There are more criminal groups involved in the drug trade, but the groups stated are above are the most familiar groups that send out with their involvement in the drug trade.
Law enforcement across the America have took a firm stance against the drug trade. The major crack down on drug trafficking came in 1971 by President Nixon and later President Raegan in 1980s. The crack down on the drug trade during this time would come to be known as the War on Drugs. The government attacked the drug trade by going at its supply hopping to cripple drug traffickers “Nixon called
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