The Causes Of Ethnic Diversity In The United Kingdom

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Ethnic Diversity in United Kingdom Immigrants, are they really the bad people or are you? Some say immigrants affected the ethnic diversity. Culture, language, and religion are different in many ethnic groups, it’s amazing on how many different things you can learn. Is it vital that the migration that happened during the late 19th century has led to an effect amongst the ethnic diversity in the United Kingdom? In this paper internet sources contained many more accurate information. Books talked very little about ethnic diversity in United Kingdom. In addition to talking about the 19th century immigrant the internet had many sources that talked about it. Books contained information but very information about each ethnic group. Using the internet went into more details about each ethnic group. It was easier finding more information on the internet than the books. Finding information in books never change but on the internet the information can be updated. These sources contained information about the British Asians,Africans,White European,Mexicans, and immigrants. Using the internet over books gather more information about ethnic groups and immigrants.
Before we begin, it is important to understand a few key terms related to our studies: ethnic diversity, ethnic groups, and cultural diversity. Ethnic diversity can mean different things in varying contexts. It means races from around the world just different in language and skin tone. Examples of
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