The Causes Of Global Warming

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Global warming is the heating of the earth at an unnatural pace due to humans. The world regularly undergoes eras of warming and cooling, the current event is due to humans and is happening more rapidly than ever before. Bill Freedman (2014) stated that, "...increases in global temperatures are due to human activity (i.e., not due to solar variations, volcanic activity, cyclic warming or cooling trends, etc.) …" This means that the warming of the earth is only global warming when it is caused by humans. Currently, according to past trends on Earth, the planet is supposed to be undergoing a cooling, but because of global warming the earth is on a heating trend. Global warming is caused by the Industrial Revolution, increased greenhouse gases, and deforestation and effects the world by raising temperatures, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and the extinction of species and the harm of humans.
Causes of Global Warming
Global warming is a growing problem and if it is left alone it will destroy the Earth. The main cause of global warming is the industrialization of the world; this began with the Industrial Revolution in the seventeenth century. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of an era with machines, which lead to mass production, and more jobs. It allowed countries to produce higher quality products in less time. This was the switch from rural, agriculture towns to larger, urbanized cities. The Industrial Revolution then led to a higher

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