The Causes Of Global Warming

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Global Warming
Why are the temperatures are steadily getting hotter? Summers getting longer and winters shorter? Glaciers melting and sea levels rising? The reason is Global Warming. What is Global Warming? Global warming is when the world, the globe’s temperature increases and it starts to get hotter. The reason it starts to increase is because of what is called the greenhouse gases. The green house gases are mainly caused by humans which also means that , the humans are causing global warming. Humans have been releasing gases into the air as they go on with their modern lives. The main gas that goes into the atmosphere is carbon dioxide and that comes from everyone, 28% comes from transportation ,10% from agriculture, 20% from industry, 10% commercial and residential, 32% electricity that's 82% of carbon dioxide that's in the atmosphere. The other 18% comes from Methane 9%, nitrous oxide 6%, Fluorinated gases 3%. The first time they discovered and saw the increase in greenhouse emissions was back in 1800’s when the first industrial revolution was happening the scientist discovered this by studying the ancient ice, they also discovered that the level of the carbon dioxide was 290 parts per million (ppm). By 1960 Charles Keeling measured the level of carbon dioxide and it measured 315 ppm. By 1970 April 22 the world marked the first Earth Day on their calendars to raise awareness and help their environment. It wasn't until 1976 that the scientist discovered that carbon

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