The Causes Of Millennials

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Millennials, these are a group of people who were born in the year of 1984 and after. There are millions of them and they are our future. According to Simon Sinek, millennials “are accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self interested, unfocused and lazy.” (Sinek, 2016) Even though Millennials lack in some aspects, he believes that parenting, technology, impatience and environment is to blame. As a millennial, I totally agree with Sinek’s point because I am affected by all those variable ever since birth. Millennials did not do anything wrong but, the way they were raised affected their attitudes. Sinek says that there are four reasons why Millennials have such a selfish attitude. The first point he gives out is parenting. Parents made millennials feel really important and special. He says that millennials can obtain everything they want because their parents spoil them too much. Simon Sinek states, “You take this group of people and they graduate and they get a job and they’re thrust into the real world and in an instant they find out they are not special, their mom’s can’t get them a promotion, that you get nothing for coming in last and by the way you can’t just have it because you want it. In an instant their entire self image is shattered.” (Sinek, 2016) Sineks point is that parents make their children feel empowered but then then they start work and realise that they can not always get what they want. The next point he makes is technology.

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